Welcome to F&L Market

 F & L Market Grocery Store is Lynchburg's only independent, locally-owned grocery store

At F&L Market Grocery Store located right in the heart of Lynchburg, VA, we are best know for our great selection and top-quality cuts of meat. Our meat dept. specialists have over 125 years of experience and will help you make the right choice for your party, cookout or special occasion. Being Lynchburg's only full service, independent grocery supermarket, we are happy to custom cut your meat order fresh in our store, unlike many other stores within Central Virginia. The hamburger is ground fresh each day for the best mouth-watering flavor no matter if you fry it or grill it.


by shopping with us, you support your local garden, farmer and indie-owners.


F&L Market carries many locally-sourced food stuffs to support our local eco-system. We believe in supporting our local bakers, farms and gardens!

Let us know how we can serve you!

November is our 30TH ANNIVERSARY!


Because of you, F&L Market has remained a locally-owned source for fresh produce, custom-cut, fresh meat at great prices, supported the local economy, given back by supporting teams, non-profits: you name it, we have been there for you because of your support! 

What our customers are saying about F&L Market

Real customers giving their honest opinions.
Robert Paul Reyes

"I patronize the F & L Market at least twice a month to help support a local business. They also have a lot of ethnic food products that aren't available at giant supermarket chains like Kroger and Food Lion."

Ruth Potter

"Amazing customer service.. Good meats and can goods."


"Love F&L. Great selection and friendly service!"

Michael Carwile

"Good variety of meats, and easy to get in and out quickly. Still good in March 2023. They have lots of products that other grocers don't carry!"